For best results, we suggest hair growth be a minimum of 1/4’’ long. For personal comfort, limit your caffeine intake before waxing and avoid sun exposure for 24 hours prior and following the service. Please inform us if you are using Retin-A, taking Accutane or if you have had any negative experiences with previous waxing.

Hair Removal Services:

Brow Wax$13
Lip Wax$10
Chin Wax$10
Whole Face Wax$30
Nose Wax$15
Face Sides Wax$10
Ear Wax$10
Half Leg Wax$45
Full Leg Wax$70
Underarm Wax$25
Half Arm Wax$25
Full Arm Wax$35
Back Wax$50
Bikini Wax$35
Brazilian Wax$60
All Natural Sugar Hair RemovalAdditional Charge -$5