Fact or Fiction…facials cause acne

There are numerous causes of acne, but a facial treatment is definitely not one of them. The intention of an aesthetician performing a deep cleansing facial procedure is to facilitate the purging of breakout causing dead skin cells and impurities that sit inside the pores. There are different types of acne triggers with different severity levels. Common causes are stress, diet, hormone fluctuations, unsuitable use of product, or lack of product usage. Routine facials are actually an effective way to help prevent or control the natural progression of acne.

Because Facials!


What is Dermaplaning?

It is a physical exfoliation procedure. It requires the use of a sterile, surgical scalpel to gently “shave” the skins surface removing the top-most layer of dead skin, along with fine vellus hair (AKA Peach fuzz)

Dermaplaning cleverly triggers the cell regeneration process. It helps improve the appearance of things like acne scarring and hyperpigmentation, and the effects of the procedure are instant in leaving your skin with a smooth appearance and a radiant glow.


Toenail Fungus

A fungal nail infection occurs from the overgrowth of fungi in, under or on the nail. Fungi thrive in warm, moist environments, so this type of environment can cause them to overpopulate. The same fungi that cause jock itch, athletes foot, and ring worm can cause nail infections. Solutions to use on toe fungus: Mix one part white vinegar with 2 parts warm water. Soak the affected are in the solution for 10-15 mins. Rinse & dry thoroughly. Recommendation of twice daily until fungus is gone. Killing the fungus naturally: Try using essential oils oregeno and melaleuca (aka tea tree). The combination acts as an antifungal agent. Often times toe fungus can be related to an overgrowth of Candida. (information contributed from everydayhealth.com and webmd.com) Fungal infections that appear on the skin are one of the most common infections in humans. Many people are curious about natural toenail fungus treatment, as this is an issue many struggle with. Very few are aware that toenail fungus symptoms can actually be a sign of Candida virus or yeast within your system. “onychomycosis” or tinea unguium is the name for the type of infection that cause fungi to appear under, around or on the nail. Dietary changes/supplements and essential oils can eliminate the root cause of the fungus. (information provided by Dr. Axe Food is Medicine)

If you suspect that you may have this situation, please be aware that we do offer therapeutic grade oils here at the salon and they are also used in our pedicure services as well.

5 Reasons to Insist on Mineral Makeup for your Wedding

There are endless details involved in the ever-complicated wedding planning process and many decisions that have to be made for the big day. An easy one to check off the list is using mineral makeup for your bridal look. Memories fade, but pictures last forever! Be photo-ready with high quality makeup products.

1. Mineral makeup looks amazing in HD

With HD cameras, every imperfection on the skin is visible, including acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and poorly blended makeup – so a full-coverage foundation/concealer combination that looks natural is essential. Mineral makeup gives brides that coveted natural coverage.

Melissa Kinsey of Salon Salvatore Day Spa says primer is a must. “Use a primer!” says Kinsey. “If you want a flawless, pore-free look, don’t skip this step. It will give your makeup staying power and diffuse imperfections.”

Kinsey also recommends that brides practice their bridal look before the big day, whether the bride is doing her own makeup or hiring a professional artist. “This way, the look can be perfected and there is no stress the day of. I love knowing ahead of time exactly what we are doing and what products I’m using.”

Take a note from ‘Clueless’ and don’t rely on mirrors! Take a few test photos with and without flash to make sure the end result is exactly what you want.

2. Triple-milled mineral makeup foundation looks seamless

When minerals are refined to create mineral makeup, they are ground up into small particles. Minerals powder foundations from glo are triple milled into a fine powder so they lay on the surface of the skin, evenly covering and correcting for flawless coverage and a smooth look.

3. With mineral makeup, less is more

With bridal makeup, a general rule is to use 10% more product than you would normally wear. Since mineral makeup doesn’t contain bulking ingredients, you’ll get more pigment with less product, a win-win.

Glo National Makeup Artist, Janeena Billera likes to give her brides full coverage for the best possible photos and all day wear in any climate. “My go to bridal foundation cocktail is comprised of a mineral tinted prime that allows even, lightweight coverage, an illuminating mineral liquid foundation and a medium coverage mineral pressed powder foundation.”

5 Reasons You Should Insist on Mineral Makeup for Your Wedding
Photo by Tiffany Ellis Photography.

4. Mineral makeup allows the skin to breath

When layer after layer of makeup is applied, it can weigh the skin down and cause skin irritation, especially on brides that aren’t accustomed to such heavy application. Traditional cosmetics often contain occlusive like oils and lanolin that cause the skin to look and feel greasy, often clogging the pores. No one wants to deal with post-wedding acne on their honeymoon! Mineral makeup foundation is breathable because it is free of these occlusive agents.

5. Mineral makeup has endless possibilities

Mineral makeup formulas have a vibrant spectrum of colors for eyes, cheeks and lips, and bases are available in a variety of shade and coverage options. The beautiful bridal makeup application shown above by Melissa Kinsey features the following:

Face: Protective Liquid Foundation Satin, Luxe Liquid Bright Concealer in brighten, Luxe Setting Powder
Eyes: Smoky Eye Kit in warm, Cream Eyeliner in ebony
Cheeks: Blush in papaya
Contour & Highlight: Cream Bronze in warmth, Contour Kit in medium to dark
Lips: Liquid Lips in darling

Open House

Come to Cura Salon and Spa’s Holiday Open House

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We are excited to provide you with hors d’oeuvres, sample spa services, make-up tutorials, along with unique open house sales. Including our gift certificate sale! $5 off $50 Gift Certificate. Limit 5 per person. Along with the Cura Salon team outside vendors are working together to bring you the best holiday open house yet! We will have handcrafted items for sale, thermography, zytocompass (scan that will detect exactly which essential oils your body needs), a fashion show featuring Wild Women’s clothing, and sound therapy.
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10 Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

10 Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

10 Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

Having the right skincare regimen is just as important as knowing how to use it. Don’t fall victim to these common skincare mistakes.

1. Dipping your fingers into product jars

If your foundation or eye cream come in a glass jar, don’t dip your fingers inside. Even if your hands are clean, you could be unknowingly transferring bacteria and oil to your creams. It’s best to use a spatula, scoop or fresh cotton swab with each use.

2. Rubbing and pulling your skin

Rubbing and pulling your face puts stress on the skin. We do it daily without thinking about it, from holding the skin around the eyes taught while applying eyeliner to rubbing in eye cream. Rubbing at your skin, especially the delicate eye area, makes your skin lose elasticity over time. Learn how to apply eye cream the right way.

3. Not cleaning your cell phone regularly

Think about how many times a day you touch your cell phone. Wipe down the screen at least once a week if not daily. Household cleaners can damage your phone’s screen, so look for a phone-friendly cleaner.

10 Skincare Mistakes to Avoid
Model: Richa, Fancier’s World

4. Exfoliating too often

Exfoliating helps increase cell turnover to bring fresh cells to the surface, but daily exfoliation may irritate your skin. Start by exfoliating a couple times a week and increase if needed. Exfoliate all over once a week and then focus on rough, textured problem areas.

5. Ignoring signs of dehydration

Tight, flaky skin is a major indicator of dehydration. Introduce a Hyaluronic Acid-based hydrator into your regimen before you apply moisturizer both morning and night to give dehydrated skin a boost in water content.

6. Not cleaning your makeup brushes

Oil and makeup build up on your makeup brushes. Wiping the surface between uses with an alcohol-based cleanser helps extend the time between washes, but don’t skip the deep clean! Wash your brushes with soap and water at least once a week to release stubborn buildup and gunk. Use baby shampoo or a gentle cleanser.

7. Applying skincare in the wrong order

Applying products in the right order will help you get the most out of your skincare routine. For example, serums are intended to penetrate the skin while SPF lays on the surface layers, so you wouldn’t want to apply sunscreen first. Learn how to layer your skincare.

8. Not removing makeup before bed

You’ve heard it a million times because it’s true! Leaving makeup on overnight is ruining your skin. Product settled into fine lines, plus it prevents your skin from going through its nightly repair cycle. Even with skin healthy mineral makeup, the oil, dirt and debris from the day should be washed away each night.

9. Skimping on SPF

We couldn’t make a skin mistakes list without mentioning suncare. You get sun exposure every day without realizing it, in your car, sitting by a window, walking the dog. Apply sunscreen daily to all exposed areas of skin, and don’t forget to reapply.

10. Using the wrong products for your skin type

Is your skin out of whack? Take a look at your basic skincare regimen. Dry skin needs conditioning, oil rich products while oily skin needs oil-controlling, purifying ingredients. Figure out what your skin type is to pick the best lineup for your skincare routine.




Stop the Lice in their Tracks!

Back to school also means to be on the lookout for lice! We carry an amazing line for lice prevention and treatment!



?‍?Tips for Preventing Head Lice
*Do a weekly head check. A quick check of the “hot spots” (behind the ears, back of the neck and at part lines) on a weekly basis can help prevent an outbreak.
*Teach children NOT to share hats, combs, brushes, hair ties, pillows, sleeping bags, etc. At sporting events, never share helmets or caps.
*Keep long hair up in a ponytail or in a braid. Secure styles with styling aids. The extra coating will make it harder for lice to attach to the hair.
*At school, daycare or camp make sure to store jackets, nap mats, backpacks and hats in separate cubbies or in a sealed bag.
*******Use lice prevention hair care products every day! Organic herbs such as rosemary, tea tree and citronella found in Rosemary Repel Hair Care® are proven safe, gentle and effective to help prevent head lice. ****** Products available at Cura Salon and Spa

Clinical Thermography at Cura Salon and Spa Sept. 20th!

Breast Cancer Awareness September 20th 12pm -7pm!
Don’t Become a Statistic!
Thermography is a test of physiology-looking for changes. Early detection is aimed at prevention and if early changes are detected then we have an opportunity to intervene and change the outcome.  The earlier an abnormality is detected the better the treatment options will be, resulting in a better outcome.
Safe, private, accurate breast screening

Take the Squish out of breast screening!

Check website for more information and other mobile sites: www.restorativehealthandthermography.com

Sugar Waxing

Sugaring – A treatment that uses a combination of sugar, lemon & hot water!

Sugaring pic

Sugaring is hair removal that has been practiced for centuries throughout Northern Africa, Greece, and The Middle East.

Sugaring does not stick to the skin, only to the hair.  Which means it really gets the hair out at the roots! So rather than a wax that adheres to your skin and pulls on the skin you are removing only the hair!

Make-up and Margaritas Class

Join us for our “Back to the Basics” Makeup and Margaritas class!
Class will be on August 15th, from 6-7:30 pm. Cost is $20 per person.
Class will include instruction on skin prepping, foundation application, color matching, applying blush and bronzer, and brush knowledge.

We are excited to introduce our NEW make-up line, Glo-Minerals!
*Class size is limited. Payment required at time of registration.